New Year Fitness

2017 is just around the corner.  Every January, fitness clubs get a surge of new members as people decide to improve their health in their new year’s resolutions.  Do your resolutions include taking a critical look at the health and fitness of your business?

Planning for Fitness

There is no doubt that these are difficult and uncertain times for business.  Companies who are fit, healthy and agile often do well in such times.  History tells us that planning for uncertainty and looking beyond the immediate problems are the keys to thriving.  According to the Cabinet Office: “Whether the business recovers [from a serious incident] or not and whether it is still operating 12 months later depends on what advance planning has taken place.  This means action before and not after disaster strikes.”

Having a clear plan means that all key staff know their roles and the tasks that need to be achieved.  It also helps to avoid missing or overlooking important matters in the heat of the moment.  Most importantly, it sets the company on the road to recovery much quicker than a trial-and-error method of incident response.

Exercising the Plan

No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.  The only way of knowing whether your plan will actually work is to test it.  You do not necessarily need to simulate a full-scale emergency in order to check your plan’s fitness.  Often, talking through a scenario around a table is enough to reveal hidden flaws and highlight missing elements.

Your Fitness Check

A great way to start your plan is to have a fitness check from Tom Crellin, Consultant.  We will look at where you are now and where your main pain-points are.  Using this information, we will develop a personalised action plan to take you through the next steps.  We start by gathering information about your company and how it operates.  Next, we sit down with you and discuss what you view as important to your business and how you tackle problems today.  We have designed the process to be quick and painless for you and to accelerate your own planning process by giving you a clear set of goals and action plan.

So that you get a flying start on your 2017 business resolutions, we have decided to offer the Fitness Check at the discounted price of £850 for the month of January (normal price £995). Contact us now for more information.