Business Continuity

Filing Cabinet and fire logoBusiness continuity (BC) is about building and improving resilience in your business.  Giving you a solid framework to provide stability and security in times of crisis.

Why build continuity? Continuity is about much more than just the tools to recover quickly from disruption; it is about:

  • keeping your customers satisfied and boosting your reputation, even during times of disaster;
  • developing plans for overcoming common issues such as: adverse weather, high levels of staff absence or being let down by a supplier;
  • having the strength to keep your business powering through.

In a survey conducted by the Business Continuity Institute, 94% said they had experienced disruption in the last 12 months.   82% agreed that their continuity plans significantly reduced the impact of the disruption.

Does your business have the strength it needs?

Why not put it to the test with our unique fitness check for businesses?

Tom Crellin is a fully qualified practitioner in ISO22301 business continuity management who has spent many years in the field (often literally in a pair of boots!) working on resilience and continuity projects for a number of businesses. He has also worked extensively in the voluntary sector as an emergency response and major event manager.  Thus, applying the principles of continuity and resilience in very challenging circumstances and therefore can offer advice on all aspects; from proof of concept through to training, exercising and evaluation.

Whether you are looking for a focused solution to a single problem area or whether you need a comprehensive analysis, contact Tom Crellin for solid, impartial advice so you can ‘Keep Calm and Carry on Trading’!