Act Now to Protect Your Data

Experts agree that cyber security is now the number one threat to business. Even the government announced recently that it was investing £1.9bn into cyber security.

Your data can easily be “lost” in a number of ways:

  • Confidentiality – falling into the wrong hands or even sold on the dark web
  • Integrity – errors mean that you can no longer trust your data is accurate – perhaps because you are relying on an outdated backup
  • Availability – data has been erased or locked out of use by ransomware.

Any one of these can be costly to recover from and damaging – even fatal – to your business reputation.


The UK Government has announced new data protection legislation that enhances the rights people have over the data stored about them including the right to be notified of a data breech.  This increases the cost of reputational damage because keeping quiet about it will not be an option anymore.  Ransomware (malware that encrypts your data until you pay a ransom for the key) is also a very real and present threat right now.

I can help you to assess the risk and the likely costs of a data loss incident.  This ensures you can choose and implement the right controls to protect your data whilst allowing you to get on with doing what you do best – running your business.

As a cyber security expert, I have spent most of the last 20 years helping literally hundreds of businesses, of all shapes and sizes, to put the right protection in place.  In fact, it is likely that you have already used a system designed or installed by me when browsing the website of one of my customers.

The risk is real and present right now.  So why not act right now?

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